Paperserve is a proudly South African software development company, founded in 2004 by a team of key specialists. We provide businesses of all sizes with powerful print, asset and contract management solutions to improve visibility, increase control, reduce costs and streamline business processes.

Our mission is to be the market leaders in building and maintaining powerful business management solutions that allow our customers and their businesses to perform at an optimum. We firmly believe that what you can measure you can manage. To this end, we strive to provide a comprehensive suite of print, asset and contract software solutions that are customer-centric and locally supported, giving our customers improved visibility and control over their business’s workflows and processes.

CASM is an innovative cloud-based solution from Paperserve designed to give your business a reliable 24/7 view of all your contract and asset information in order to:

  • improve workflow efficiencies,
  • optimise asset lifecycle management
  • and reduce costs incurred by ghost assets and evergreen contracts.

CASM helps your businesses by streamlining your operations, lowering your running costs and managing your assets in real time.


Manually tracking assets and contracts can take unnecessary time and manpower, slowing down business operations, impacting efficiencies and ultimately decreasing business profitability. CASM centralises asset-related operations through a central dashboard that gives you a real-time management overview of all your operational data, tasks and priorities relating to your business’s contracts and their assets.


CASM’s mobile app will work on your staff’s mobile devices. This means your employees in any branch or location can use the CASM app to monitor the status of every asset they are responsible for. This includes verifying the service and maintenance requirements of each asset, updating whether the asset needs to be disposed of and registering assets in and out of the branch as they are used.



CASM clearly defines every user’s function related to their security profile and role, ensuring everyone has visibility and access to the assets they are responsible for and need to manage.



CASM uses geolocation services to track your assets’ location and the whereabouts of all your movable assets.



The challenge for any medium-to-large organisation is to find the time and the means to accurately verify their assets on a regular basis to ensure that the asset data is still valid, that the assets are where they are supposed to be and are being maintained. If verification does not occur at scheduled intervals, companies can face substantial costs resulting from downtime due to neglected, damaged and even stolen assets. CASM prevents this by enabling you to schedule asset verification according to your current workflows and deadlines to ensure consistent verification, even in real time.


Trying to manage assets manually is time-consuming and leaves you exposed to many operational issues: assets go missing and can cost companies millions in replacement costs, insurance and down-time every year. Manual contract management is equally expensive and leaves businesses open to paying for evergreen contracts or for ghost assets that are no longer in operation or even onsite.


CASM is a cloud-based asset and contract management solution that tracks, stores and protects all asset data in real time. Only authorised users can access this information – and they can do it from any department or branch, or even from a mobile device and from anywhere in the country.


The CASM dashboard gives you a real-time management overview of all your operational tasks, linked to contracts and their assets. Its powerful, flexible features allow you to drill-down and track every asset’s status as well as any associated tasks and alerts relating to your contracts and their linked assets.


CASM puts you in financial control, keeping you constantly informed about the status of both fixed and movable assets, ensuring your business is optimally using every asset over its entire lifecycle. As assets age and decline, you can manage this closely with real time reporting, so your business is never financially burdened with unnecessary depreciation costs and over-insured assets.


Track and record the sequence of events and operations that affect each asset at any time. Detailed reports are automatically generated every step of the way, enabling you to report on assets or contracts from an IT, Operational or Financial point of view. At a glance, you have immediate access to all your assets and their impact on business processes.

CASM puts you back in control and ensures you’re aware of every contract and every asset, its location and its operational status.


CASM can easily be configured to suit every organisation’s unique workflows, enabling your business to reduce the unnecessary CAPEX expenditure that comes with manual asset tracking, under or over utilised assets, unplanned maintenance or operational down time.


Site Manager is CASM’s onsite data collection service, designed to track and scan networks for online assets and then give you access to detailed information about the networked assets and their functions. With Site Manager’s onsite tools, you can collect detailed technical data, automate and optimise processes and strategically plan the maintenance, replenishment and eventual retirement and replacement of your online assets.


CASM enables you to set up proactive contract and asset alerts that are deadline-driven. The system will automatically send out email notifications to identified users to action these alerts. These alerts will ensure proactive maintenance planning, auditable and consistent verification and asset tracking and improved management of contract termination dates. The result – your asset and contract register is always reliable and up to date.


When you’re managing your assets and contracts from remote locations, you need to be assured their security is guaranteed. CASM is a cloud-based solution ensuring you have protected access to all the information relating to assets and contracts wherever you are. CASM’s integrated features ensure every aspect of asset tracking and management is protected by:

  • Enabling strict profile management in defining role responsibilities and user access.
  • Auditable tracking and email alerts to keep you aware of the location and status of all your verified assets.
  • CASM’s Site Manager service has SSL encryption which adds an additional layer
    of security to your networked data.