Optimise Your Assets

Asset management is the process of maximising your company’s assets to provide the best returns. In order to understand the relationship between costs and operations, your business needs to know your assets’ location, lifecycle and maintenance status, irrespective of whether your assets are physical or mobile, in a single office or spread out across many locations.

The CASM mobile app was designed to put you and your asset custodians in complete control of all networked, physical and leased assets across your entire organisation. The CASM mobile app allows your custodians to use mobile technology to better manage the asset’s lifecycles by:

Verifying assets: All assets are verified through the phone’s camera by scanning the barcode and syncing to the cloud server. By selecting information relevant to where they are, asset custodians can see what assets are in the location and if they have been verified.

Registering new assets at any location: Assets can be registered simply by scanning the barcode using the mobile app. Once the asset has been scanned, it can be given a name, a status relating to its condition and linked to the relevant department.

Checking in/checking out assets: Asset custodians can simply select the relevant branch and client they’re working with and the asset they are interacting with. Using the bar code scanner they can scan it and then select whether they are checking the asset in or out.

Your asset custodians can do all this through the simple mobile interface and thereby play an active part in controlling operation costs with real-time, on-the-move responsibilities.

CASM | Mobile Platforms


From single locations to numerous assets across multiple branches and locations, simply managing every asset’s geographical whereabouts in real-time can be a challenge. The CASM mobile app removes any guesswork from the equation and allows your employees to:

• Check in and check out assets between individuals, agencies, departments or even branches to improve accountability;
• Perform quick and easy asset verification;
• Register an asset, its location, category, serial number manufacturer etc. quickly and easily;
• Use location meta data to manage and use assets more effectively, or to simply track their movements through the organization;
• Track the movement and the disposal of assets;
• Search for any logged asset by its’ asset tag to identify location, serial number and logged meta data.


The physical recording process can be time-consuming, error-intense and a waste of an organisation’s resources. The CASM barcode scanner on your mobile device simplifies the inventory process by:

• Reducing the time it takes to manually identify assets;
• Freeing up your team to take their own inventory checks, even using their own mobile devices where applicable;
• Assisting in the deployment of assets to where they are needed most or will be better utilised;
• Enabling real-time visibility of asset data to enable pro-active alerts and actions;
• Recording asset data on the move with the knowledge that it is securely and seamlessly uploaded to the central asset register.


Maintaining multiple assets so they perform at maximum efficiency is often beyond the control of many facilities and operational managers. The CASM solution simplifies this task with automated alerts aligned with your assets categories, maintenance contracts and business workflows, in order to:

• Improve financial expense through asset verification, utilisation and disposal processes;
• Reduce equipment downtime by optimising performance through regular maintenance scheduling;
• Extend the optimal life of all equipment;
• Improve accountability and health and safety compliance.