Integrating Operations and Finance

CASM | Integrating Operations and Finance

CASM – the fixed asset management software that will integrate Operations and Finance

How do you measure whether you are getting value for your money out of your rented assets? Do you know how many lease contracts your company has and what they are costing you?

Poorly managed contracts can cost an organisation thousands of Rands especially if they are paying for assets that have expired or are being under-utilised. CASM prevents this by aligning your contracts with your assets and allows you to set up reminders and manage termination dates for your contracts, so you are never caught short paying for contracts relating to assets that are no longer in operation or needed.

CASM, a cloud-based contract and asset management software solution, has been designed with one thing in mind – to integrate Operations, Management, IT and Finance – so that all fixed assets and contract data contributing to your organization’s total cost of operations can be audited and efficiently managed.

CASM has been designed by Paperserve, a service driven software development company with years of experience in the South African industry. Our view is that each asset has a lifecycle and requires tailored processes and tools to manage it and to ensure its optimal use. We work closely with our clients to identify this lifecycle for their environment, gather data to assess the quality of their organisation’s management of the assets and enhance visibility of asset use and costs through our CASM product.

How CASM works

CASM is our platform software product which integrates asset tracking (geo location and mobile verification functions) with significant workflow and reporting features to provide real time updates, alerts and information on the location and verification status of your organisation’s assets.  CASM is one of the few asset tracking tools that aligns lease contract data (depreciation values, vendor info, escalation details and all financial key dates) with the leased assets themselves, so you get the full picture of what those leased assets are actually costing you over their lifecycle, and if they’re really needed any more.

Visit our Fact Sheet about the importance of optimising your assets or contact us to set-up a free demo.