Managed assets drive efficiencies

CASM | Managed assets drive efficiencies

Are ‘ghost assets’ costing your organisation in hundreds of thousands of Rands in avoidable and unnecessary expenditure?

The answer often given to us is ‘no…’ but in our experience ‘we don’t know!’ is probably closer to the truth in many businesses today. With over 15 years of experience, Paperserve’s executive team are experts in assisting financial directors and operations managers monitor and control their organisation’s asset base – helping to identify underutilised, lost or stolen assets and eliminating associated unnecessary expenditures such as insurance, storage costs and duplicated asset purchases.

A typical client story…

We were recently approached by a large multi-national company which had a problem we commonly see: they had a large numbers of assets distributed throughout their organisation and the financial controlling team were struggling to identify lost and/or underperforming assets as their systems and controls were difficult to keep up to date and so their asset register wasn’t accurate.

What we did about it…

Paperserve’s brief was to evaluate the current quality of the asset register and present a solution to enhance the lifecycle management of the assets across all the departments, branches and locations. Through the CASM Mobile application and Network Discovery tools, we discovered that approximately 30% of their assets were either lost, stolen, all carrying significant ‘holding costs’. In addition, we were able to highlight a number of key management and control processes which CASM could greatly improve on and automate.

The result was hundreds of thousands of Rands in sustainable savings for the client, with the termination of the unnecessary insurances, licenses and rentals obligations and an immediate flow through to the quarterly P&L. In addition, CASM’s integrated asset controls ensure that these efficiencies are now an ongoing feature of their operations.

If you want to find out more about CASM, and how the Paperserve team can assist you in gaining control of your contract and asset register, contact us now.