The simplest stock management software
for businesses to stay on top of their
stock, assets, and more.

Whether you’re working remotely, at the office or at multiple locations, CASM lets you track and manage your stock using your smartphone as a barcode scanner and stock management tool.

What you need to know:

Track stock using QR or barcodes

Easily scan and update items using QR labels or barcodes connected to your items.

Automated alerts on stock levels

Set up alerts to keep track of stock levels and important information.

Stay updated anytime, anywhere

Manage your stock on any computer, tablet, iOS or Android device.

Give controlled access to anyone

Create unlimited users and manage their permission levels.

Track stock and user activities

Stay informed by always knowing what’s been changed, when and by whom.

Effortlessly create reports to share

Generate reports on the stock levels, disbursements and much more.

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