Take ownership of your TCO

CASM | Take ownership of your TCO

See real returns on your bottom line with a fixed asset management system

The difference between the purchase price and the total life cycle costs of an asset can be substantial, especially if the asset has a long lifespan or is an expensive software or hardware investment. Your total cost of ownership is impossible to manage or even ‘own’ if you are unable to take complete control of your assets and have a clear picture of how installing, deploying, using, upgrading, and maintaining assets, especially those with large maintenance and operating costs, is affecting the bottom line.

CASM is a contract and asset management solution that allows you to ‘sweat’ your assets across the entire organisation while at the same time getting control of your lease contracts.

Eliminate ghost assets and associated costs

Ghost assets are assets that either lost, stolen or unusable but are still listed as an active asset and are therefore being paid for in one way or another – eg insurance, evergreen contracts or storage costs.  In addition to this negative impact on the bottom line, inaccuracies in asset reporting can cause flaws in the overall accuracy of your corporate financials and with the IFRS legislation; this is becoming a very real issue in the SA landscape.

Cancel redundant evergreen contracts

Managing contracts is one of the most difficult aspects of contract and asset management. With poorly managed contracts, companies end up paying for assets that are either non-functional or no longer needed, or the contracts themselves just keep rolling over with expensive escalation fees and no logical exit plan in place.

Accurate reporting for improved ROI

How do you measure whether you are getting value for your money out of your contacts or if your asset is actually costing you more than its worth?

CASM’s centrally collects technical information relating to all your fixed and networked assets – from printers to computers – and uploads the data to your centralised dashboard where you can create detailed technical reports. At a glance, you will be able to see the return on investment of every asset – from which assets are performing, which are being underutilised and which are costing you more in maintenance than they are worth.

CASM, a locally developed contract and asset management solution, can streamline the asset management process from a financial and an operations aspect and, most importantly, ensure every asset’s return on investment is optimised over its entire lifecycle.

The CASM tool will give you visibility of your leased and owned assets over their entire lifespan.

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