Need systems alerts? Check.

Barcode scanning? Check.

Audit trails? Double check.

Our easy to use platform will help you improve visibility with live tracking across different departments. Whether you’re working remotely, at the office or across continents.

What can CASM do for you?

Fixed Asset Management made easy.

Stop wasting time and other resources on managing your assets manually. CASM is a leading asset management platform that makes tracking your fixed assets simple, dynamic, and intuitive.

Track all your assets.

CASM Asset Management Software is a single software solution that provides complete visibility of all your assets with features like location tracking, condition, verification & more.

Solve all your asset problems.

From tracking to management to disposal of your assets, CASM offers an end-to-end solution with features like financial management, warranty management and more.

Stay up-to-date with alerts & notifications.

Never miss out on an important update again! CASM notifies you about all the relevant alerts you need to know about – from warranty expiry reminders to changes in the location or condition of an asset.

Streamline your process

Whether it’s purchase requests, service requests, site audits, warranty queries, contracts, or task management – we’ve got you covered.



Knowing is half the battle. CASM provides comprehensive dashboards and reporting for asset warranties. Giving you the foresight to know when or not to extend the warranty.


Manage all your contracts in one easy-to-use space. Get alerts on expiring contracts, know which leased asset belongs to which agreement, and so much more.

Purchase Requests

With CASM’s uniquely simple yet powerful purchase requests module, you can manage the process from purchasing the asset to registering it in CASM.


Quickly and Easily create and assign asset audits. Reports that show gains and losses and workflows to resolve audit-related issues.


CASM’s Task module is an end-to-end task management solution for your assets, where you can see all of your tasks in one place, with due dates and progress. It allows you to assign tasks, update task status, and allocate time and costs.

CASM Mobile

CASM Mobile is at the core of what makes CASM an operational fixed asset management platform.

It allows you to bring nearly every operational aspect of your assets to the palm of your hand. With the functionality to onboard new fixed assets, complete verification audits, check in/check out, and so much more.

It marries operations and fixed asset management, giving you complete control of your fixed assets. 


Asset Management

Register | Verify | Move | List | Check-in / Check-out

CASM Mobile’s Asset Management module is key to the success of the operational life cycle of your fixed assets. Onboard new assets with the Register function, Verify assets, Move assets between locations, and Check assets in and out to users and customers. 


From the palm of your hand, view all your asset-related tasks, complete them and close them off. 

Stock Management

Disbursements | Movements | Stock Take

CASM Mobile’s Stock Module allows for real-time management, allowing you to disburse stock to staff and customers, move it between stock rooms and do a stocktake.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic Form opens up new possibilities for managing your fixed assets, the ability to take paper-based forms and make them digital. Create checklists, inspections, or even condition assessment forms. And the best part is that you can report on all of it.

Geo Stamping

Every time assets are scanned and verified, CASM geo stamps the record, providing you with pinpoint accuracy to where your fixed assets are. With this feature, CASM sends an email alert when your assets are outside the Geo ring fence.

Offline Caching

No network coverage? No problem. CASM Mobile caches transactional data, and when you have access to a network, the app will sync your transactions. 

Advanced Scanning

CASM Mobile App incorporates market-leading scanning technology.
Supported Barcode Types and Symbology:

  • 1D
    • Code 11
    • Code 32
    • Code 39
    • Code 93
    • Code 128
  • 2D
    • QR Code
    • QR Code Model 1
    • MicroQR Code
    • Aztec
    • DataMatrix
  • Symbology
    • MultiCode
    • DPM
    • DL Parsing
    • GS1 Parsing
    • UDI Parsing


Organise your stock

A simple and powerful stock management for your business that provides you with the functionality of a much larger stock management platform at a fraction of the cost


Stock Rooms

CASM allows you to create multiple stock rooms so that you can manage your stock more efficiently.

Take on / Adjustments

Keep your stock levels up to date by recording stock take-on and adjustments. 

Disbursements and Returns

Manage stock disbursements and returns. Issue and Return stock to and from stock rooms. 

Stock Takes

Quickly create new stock takes. Update your stock levels and report on gains and losses. 


Move stock easily between companies, departments, and stock rooms, with a complete audit trail. 

Reporting that is intentional and operational.


Report on every aspect of your assets. With asset reports, warranty reports, asset lifecycle reports, financial reports, operational reports, audit reports, and so much more.

We have designed and built our dashboard reporting to track and monitor all your key performance indicators, operations and business metrics in one place.

Don’t see a report with the information you need? Not a problem. Build your own using our column chooser, filters, and pivots and then save them for later.