Track and Manage your assets, anytime, anywhere.

CASM Fixed Asset Management.

As more and more companies adjust to working
remotely, CASM is here to help you manage, streamline
and centralise your assets and contracts from the tap
of a button, wherever you may be.

Whether you’re heading operations at a school, a small
business, home office, larger enterprise with locations
nationally, or a hospital. CASM has been designed to give
your businesses a clear line of sight of all your assets
and contract information wherever you may be.

Manage your assets from as little as R500 per* month.

Why should I choose CASM?

  • Easy onboarding, fast adoption.
  • Track and manage your assets in real-time.
  • Improve asset audits and compliance, for better accounting.
  • Track assets from acquisition through disposal.
  • Track and manage assets using barcodes.
  • Reduce operational costs by increasing asset visibility.

Reduce your risk of overpaying on assets,
contracts and insurance. Get in touch today.