Optimise your assets and your business.

Streamline your asset management and make the best decisions for your organisation.

CASM is an advanced contract and asset management solution giving businesses full visibility of their fixed assets, ensuring every asset’s return on investment is optimised over its entire lifecycle.

CASM centralises your asset management and can easily be configured to suit every organisation’s unique workflows. Dynamic and intuitive, this contract and asset management solution securely tracks, maintains and optimises every asset, from procurement to retirement, driving the continued success of your business.

If your organisation still tracks assets through an excel spreadsheet or some other one-dimensional system, you’re probably battling to track fixed assets across teams and locations while inter-departmental decision making around optimising the operational and financial aspects of your entire asset base is complicated and misaligned.

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data collection

Data Collection

In every business, data drives knowledge and insights. CASM centrally manages and stores all asset-relevant data, so it can be accessed anytime and anywhere, by multiple business branches.
cloud storage


CASM is a cloud-based asset and contract management solution that tracks and stores all asset data in real time, so it can be accessed immediately, in any branch, in every location, on any mobile device.


CASM is designed to improve asset productivity and drive efficiencies, whatever your business’s size. As your business grows, CASM adapts and manages your changing workflows to optimise your business’s development.


Asset Management

Managing assets can be challenging and time-consuming. CASM’s advanced tracking provides full visibility of all software solutions and equipment. At any time, you will know where the asset is, when it was last verified and what the audit trail components looks like.

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Contract Management

CASM puts you in control of all contracts by loading and linking contracts to registered assets. Lease management is improved and businesses are no longer weighed down by ghost assets or evergreen contracts where assets requiring maintenance, enhancements or retirement continue to impact on their bottom lines.

Mobile Platforms

The CASM mobile app helps you manage, check in / out, register and verify assets anywhere in your business environment, in real time. Operating seamlessly from your laptop or mobile device, it can be dynamically adjusted and configured to suit your unique workflows.

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Receive detailed reports including financial reports outlining total cost of ownership on assets, system reports with complete audit trails of every transaction and technical in-depth reports on network assets including workstations and printers.


No matter how many branches your business has, CASM centralises your asset management, identifying every asset’s needs and requirements. Simply set time-and-date specified tasks to provide a clear view of your financials and the day-to-day running of your assets including installations, servicing, upgrades, replacements and disposals.

Site Manager

One of CASM’s versatile modules is Site Manager. Site Manager centrally collects technical information from the CASM network services and uploads the data to your portal for detailed technical reports. Reporting on this information can lead to valuable planning for maintenance through to eventual retirement and replacement of your assets.


Why you should consider an asset management system – the top 10 benefits of asset tracking and lease contract alignment.


Define each user’s functions and asset views to ensure everyone has visibility and access to the assets they need to enable a holistic business approach.

Tier your users according to their location and the company/branches they work for to ensure a clear view of the day-to-day running of all the assets critical to their particular environment.

Enable real-time capture of asset data and simplify, verify, register and locate asset information, location and condition with a simple scan, and update check.

Set up reminders and manage termination dates for your contracts, align your contracts to match your assets and automatically highlight areas that need to be managed on your contracts. 

Gain real-time visibility of all your business’s assets using your staff’s existing mobile devices including registering, check in/check out, verifying and custom forms to aligned and improve your asset management.

Gain better control of your assets with tracking recording the sequence of activities that affect, at any time, a specific operation, procedure, or event around your assets.

CASM uses GEO location services to monitor your assets location when verification and registration takes place, improving visibility and enabling you to track asset movement on movable assets.

Set up contract and asset alerts and CASM will automatically send you an email reminding you to allocate or complete tasks associated with your solution.

Create custom categories based on your business workflows and assign assets to each category to optimise the life of all equipment.

If you are a school or a small business with a smaller asset base and need more than just an asset register within your organisation, then click here to find out more about our CASM Stater Plan Offering.

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