Track your assets and keep them secure with our range of versatile, durable labels.


Asset tags

Barcodes/ QR code’s – Barcoding your assets enables you to quickly access information about an asset and improve the accuracy of your fixed asset register. This is a very cost effective and simple way to track your assets.

TESA tamper evident labels

The TESSA label is a double layer, brittle acrylic film, which is marked and cut in one process using laser marking machines. This high performance product is used as a tamper evident identification label over the entire lifetime of a product.

Anodized aluminum labels

These labels are extremely durable and withstand the harshest environments for indoor and outdoor tracking applications, excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion and solvents, will withstand exterior exposure in the harshest environments, including extreme cold, heat and UV.

Poly labels

These labels are substrate printed making them perfect for adding extra protection to logos, copy and barcode against solvents, caustics, acid and mild abrasion

Silver Void labels

Tamper evident, these labels discourage theft and secure your assets with a silver polyester sticker.